Making Yet Another Rabbit Hutch Out of a Pallet Crate


May 14, 2013 by Mike Oscar Hotel

I need something big.  A grow out cage.  The one we have now is too small and I’m afraid the bunnies aren’t getting enough exercise.  I do let them out to run often, but I want a space that’s large, open and easy to clean.  None of our current cages fit the description of easy to clean.

I was in the front end loader the other day and saw a big crate come in on the back of a truck.  I made a mental note of it and went on loading.  When I went down to the pile 20 minutes later, someone was just about to dump their stinky trash on it.  I pulled it out of the way and loaded it onto my truck.

Here it is.  Not every crate is built this way.  This crate has minimal slats on the bottom, yet it is still sturdy.

pallet rabbit hutch

what kind of wire to use on rabbit cage

I got the panels pictured above off the dump as well.  The squares are nice and wide and poo should fall through easily.  I took the frames off of the mesh, but still repurposed the wood.

repurposing pallets to make rabbit hutch

repurposed pallet rabbit hutch

Due to the odd placement of the mesh, I used the wood to make it more stable.

rabbit hutch out of recycled materials

I kept a few of the panels whole and tacked them to the sides of the crate.  This made the process really fast.

using pallets to make rabbit hutch

I ran out of panels by the time I got to the back of the cage.  I used old pallet boards to close it in; this will also provide shade for the rabbits.

pallets for rabbit cage DIY

I turned the crate up on the side and added 2×4 legs.  I measured it out to about 40 inches. It leaves enough room for the soon-to-come meat chickens to get underneath the cage to turn the compost, yet it is low enough for me to access the entire crate from the top.

Rabbit hutch DIY plans

rabbit hutch plans

I used cedar fence slats for the structure of the doors.  I wanted the kids to be able to lift the doors.  Cedar is light, yet durable.

Rabbit cage plans DIY

pallet chicken coop

rabbit hutch how to build DIY

Pictured complete with bunnies.  I put in seven kits and one 3 month old and they all had PLENTY of room.  The thing that really made my day?  They were all so happy!

make your own rabbit feeder

I slapped together a 12″ x 5″ feeder out of pallet boards.  It holds a lot of feed and so far, no one has climbed in and dropped poo in the dinner table.

rabbit nesting box

I added this nesting box that someone gave me last year.


I also added some plant pots for cover.  I plan on making a removable box for them to get out of the rain and rest their feet.  Just not there yet.  I’m going to use this:


– also from the dump.

corrugated roofing on a rabbit hutch

….and, for the last amenity, a piece of plastic corrugated roofing to give the bunnies some cover and to make sure that their food doesn’t get soggy when it rains.  I’ll be looking for more of this on the trash pile.  It’s easy to work with.

I’m really happy with the result.  I think I’m going to get better growth results with this set up.  I’ve got about 2 hours into the build, which is pretty minimal.  If you’re thinking about rabbits and you have access to a crate like this, do it!  Nothing is better than repurposing discarded items.  It is the ultimate in recycling.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike Oscar Hotel


18 thoughts on “Making Yet Another Rabbit Hutch Out of a Pallet Crate

  1. […] crate today. It was a super easy build out of almost 100% recycled materials. More details here. […]

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    That is one nice looking crate. What a great project. I wish I were that capable. Well, one day I will be. Have your rabbits kindled yet? Hope so. Piper finally did.

    • The thing that I like about pallets is that a large part of the structure is already made. I wouldn’t consider myself a builder by any means. I just started doing it, messing up and learning from my mistakes. You can do it!
      I haven’t been outside yet today, but I’m thinking it was false pregnancies on both, which is pretty weird! I read about Piper last night. Congrats! How many rabbits (total) do you have now?

      • LuckyRobin says:

        Oh, gosh, let me think. There’s Piper, Leo, and Phoebe, so that is three. Then there are the six juniors, that’s nine. Then the three 8 week olds, Serenity, Sweetie Belle, and Starbuck, so that’s 12. Add the 7 newborns and that is 19. Oh, my gosh, they really do multiply like rabbits! But five of the six juniors will be butchered in another week, I think, so that will just leave Lola and a total of 14.

        Oh, I’m sorry to hear about the false pregnancies. That is too bad.

      • Ha! We’re in the same ballpark on rabbits. People ask and I count out loud like you just did. Always around twenty to thirty.

        I palpated today and I think I just have early nest builders. Pretty sure I felt some marbles!

  3. Rick says:

    sounds like you need to find out where those crates come from, get a few more and build some over to sell…that would recycle some money into your hands and fill a need others must have as well!!!…

  4. athomepets says:

    well done, should work well. You’ll have to watch that poop doesn’t collect on the boards. But used for growers just used for finishing, it should work out quite nicely.

  5. Shannon says:

    Loving your blog! I’m on the road to homesteading joy, but i’m more in the formulation/construction phase… You’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks!

    One thought I had… In addition to checking the trash area for building materials, there are two online resources that I use to find free stuff! Craigslist (see the “free” section) and Thanks to the second website, I was able to get a 25 ft by 2 ft length of chicken wire today. I’ll definitely be using that for my rabbit tractor construction!

  6. bogie7129 says:

    If you use freecycle, you can’t just take – you have to offer, too. It’s called give and take, and that’s expected of you. Give them a try if you haven’t ever done so. I think you’ll like them.

  7. I absolutely love how you repurposed so many materials. Great-looking rabbit hutch!

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  9. Paula Plowman says:

    Great looking grow out pin. Cant wait to build our cages and get started.

  10. […] Making Yet Another Rabbit Hutch Out of a Pallet Crate … – […] crate today. It was a super easy build out of almost 100% recycled materials. More details here. […] […]

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