Pallet Chicken Coop? Sort of. Repurposed Chicken Coop? That’s it!


February 20, 2013 by Mike Oscar Hotel

It’s the middle of February.

How’d that happen?

With homesteading, even on a micro level like us, comes a lot of projects.  They never seem to end.  I’ll be honest, I love being busy.  I work two jobs, plus the family, plus the blog, plus a little videography, plus the livestock, plus whatever whack-a-mole distraction I have, depending on the week keeps me rolling during most of my waking hours.

My intent was to build a coop for the soon-coming meat chickens by March.  I am simply too busy for all of the design work that it will take to get it built.  In addition, I don’t always have time to get the pallets, even though they are readily available.

So, I was perched on my machine at the dump and I saw an old cabinet/work bench being tossed off of the back of a truck.  I climbed down to take a look because I could see something in the cabinet.  What?  I wasn’t sure.  But it was speaking to me.  Well, not really speaking.  I knew that I was supposed to have it.  So I tossed it on the back of Ol’ Blue and wrestled it to our proposed meat chicken run when I got home.

a cabinet turned into a chicken coop with pallets

And then it occurred to me.

I’m going to use it for the meat coop.  According to my stat counter, many of you are going to be disappointed.  The term “pallet chicken coop” comes up all of the time as a search word.  Don’t worry, pallets will still be involved.

I knocked out the center shelf.  Whoever created wood glue needs a kick in the pants.  In addition to nailing it into place, it had nice lines of glue that stuck like gorilla snot.


using an old dresser for a chicken coop

I also removed the doors. They were too flimsy to serve an actual purpose and I’m going for a look other than 1980’s crapwood.

pallet chicken coop

I had a lot of leftover pallet planks hanging around.  Instead of waiting for plywood to come in on the dump pile, I decided to use the planks as batten boards.

DSCF1123 using old pallets for chicken coop

I didn’t do much measuring.  I just held the boards up beside the coop and sawed them with my camp saw.  Pallets are so dry that they are easily sawn.

batten board chicken coop from pallets

I want this coop to be somewhat drafty.  We will only use it in the summer for meat chickens.  Having natural ventilation is a good thing.

using batten boards on a pallet chicken coop


I punched a hole in the side with my knife.  After I made the hole, I got my camp saw in there and sawed out a ventilation hole.

air circulation in a chicken coop

old pallets reused in a project

I added more boards to continue the look and strengthen the wall.

chicken coop ventilation duct

Ventilation duct open.

adding roosts to a pallet chicken coop

I added two roosts that were offset from each other.  I hope they work.  Space is tighter than I thought it would be.

That’s all for today.  I’ll be adding part two as I get time.

Click here for part two!

On a side note, I recently began writing for  The articles that I do there are slightly different in content.  I’d love for you to go over and check out the site.  If you like the site, like them on Facebook.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike Oscar Hotel


16 thoughts on “Pallet Chicken Coop? Sort of. Repurposed Chicken Coop? That’s it!

  1. LuckyRobin says:

    Looks like it’s coming along well. I did see the articles you put up over at I recognized the voice and style of it before I went back to read who wrote those ones. I thought they sounded like you.

  2. Rick Searles says:

    Looks like a worthy coop and I can’t wait for the results…then see how it goes with chickens in it !!

  3. LOL! “Crapwood”….. Is that related to dogwood?

    I continuously marvel at your ingenuity and creativity. I bet the chickens are going to love these coops!

    Congrats on writing for a new blog! I can’t believe that multiple blogs haven’t scoop you up yet.

    • You can tell dog wood by the bark! You can tell crap wood by……the smell? 🙂 Use it up or do without, that’s what I say. Thanks for the compliment. Sometimes I go back and read what I read and have repeated face palm moments.

  4. Grace says:

    Wow! Nice coop! Tell people you made that out of old cabinets and they will be blown away. At least I was, lol. It scares me how you knock out buildings so fast, we have so many 1 month projects to do, related to the things that you would do in 5 hours. 😉 With so many things to get done, everything always takes at least 2 weeks for us!

    By the way, how is your weather there? Our weather is below freezing, with tons of snow blowing in right at this moment. Ice coming in the afternoon, what fun! 😦

    • It looks fast when written down. I do short bursts of 2 hours. After that, I lose momentum, so I usually quit at the two hour mark. I’m really starting to LIKE building, which is a change from a year or so ago. Used to hate it. If the Mrs. could come out and help me, I could move three times faster. SHe organizes my mind.

      • Grace says:

        Hahaha, I completely understand. I, personally, like to go out and build some little things, but I find myself being lazy most of the time. 😉 A lot of the little things I would like to build are not exactly needed.

  5. […] I’ve been working on a chicken coop for the soon-to-come meat chickens, using pallets and an old cabinet.  Over the past few weeks, […]

  6. Reblogged this on Modern Homesteaders and commented:
    A great article from our friends at The Tiny Homesteaders.

  7. Very cool, what a neat little project. Especially love the pic of the MORA knife added 🙂 such handy little knives! I always wear a Mora 2 on my neck. any ways, great post, i may have to post something on our chicken house I built out of scraps left over from building out house. Didn’t cost a dime, just left overs.

    • Thanks! I have thrashed this Mora in ways that I’ve abused no other knife In the end, I’m only out $17.00. I wear it on my belt every single day. Would love to see pics of your coop!

  8. […] build! I like to do it with old cabinets and pallets. Pallet/Cabinet build Part 1 Pallet/Cabinet Build Part 2 Pallet/Cabinet Build Part 3 […]

  9. Jasmine says:

    Great little coop! We are now on our 5th week attempting to get our coop finished. The weather has been less-than-cooperative and the “Mr.” is the lesser motivated of us, though my pregnancy has slowed me down a bit as well. (that baby sure sucks my energy levels) Hoping to get them out there soon as they are getting big! Good luck 🙂

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